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The Importance Of Asbestos Testing In New Zealand

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Asbestos is a known carcinogen and can be seriously hazardous to those exposed to it. With the danger of side effects that include serious illnesses such as cancers and mesothelioma, if there is a possibility that there is a material that contains asbestos, it must be tested. This is why it is important to test for asbestos with a testing site survey:

Risk Reduction

Testing for asbestos helps to determine the presence and extent of asbestos exposure, allowing individuals to take steps to reduce their risk of exposure and prevent harmful results to themselves and others.


With it, asbestos poses a number of various risks to the health and safety of those in close proximity. If materials containing asbestos are disturbed, hazardous fibres can become airborne posing a serious risk to the nearby area. 

Environmental Concern

Asbestos fibres also pose a great environmental risk to the surrounding environment and nature. If asbestos materials are disposed of incorrectly and without professional care it can have a widespread negative impact.

Health Risks

A known carcinogen, asbestos brings the danger of serious health problems to individuals exposed to it. This is why a site survey is imperative, in order to identify the presence of asbestos.

Asbestos Testing: How It Works

If you suspect material may contain asbestos, or simply want to do the safest thing and check your property. There are two options for testing.

We can arrange the demolish survey for you if required

Sample Collection

Asbestos Busters will organise a material sample collection, expertly analysing the results at a specialist lab, either in Auckland or Hamilton. Results often return within a day.

Cost: $150 (further costs incur for extended travel).  If 2 or more samples are needed the cost is $100+GST per sample. 

Sample Drop Off

The two labs are in Auckland and Hamilton. A more cost-effective option for those living within driving distance of our Auckland or Hamilton testing labs is for individuals to safely collect a sample themselves and drop it off at a lab. Please note, for those dropping off samples, the lab will require a small bag of materials double-wrapped and sealed in a plastic bag.  They have small plastic bags at the lab.



Building Demolition Surveys

We can supply a registered asbestos surveyor if necessary. Every demolition project requires a survey by a registered asbestos surveyor regardless if it has asbestos or not. This report is given to the client who in turn selects a removal company to obtain a quotation.



All businesses require a registered surveyor to identify the presence of asbestos (we can supply the name of a registered asbestos surveyor if needed). The surveyor then makes recommendations as to whether it should be removed or how the asbestos should be managed if not requiring removal.


We service residential and commercial properties in Northland, Auckland, Waikato & the Coromandel.