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John Makuru and Lance Russell who have between them over 40 year’s experience involved in asbestos in NZ. They see an opening instead of going through the costly process of removing a super six roof they have formed a company “Alternative Reroofing Solutions Ltd”.

First to deal with roofs that there is no option but have to be removed. These would be where the premises or home is being demolished or the roof is in such a bad state that the only option is to remove it. In these cases Asbestos Busters would give a price to remove.

For all the rest, Decramastic and Super Six  roofs with asbestos there is a much better long life option. Instead of going through the very costly replacement process we have an alternative solution with the many benefits listed on our brochure and also saves hundreds of dollars on a commercial roof and halves the cost on residential premises.

See this list of benefits by clicking “Send more info“ and we will email  our brochure which highlights all the other advantages with a tentative price sent within 3 working days if you have access to geo maps  If further interested will follow up with  a personal visit by a local agent  to answer queries and finalise the tentative estimate  and  sort out the colour  choices.


John Makuru and Lance Russell


John Makuru  owned  a large demo business in Christ Church which was very much involved in asbestos removal before selling and turning his hand the last 5 years becoming a registered licenced asbestos assessor. John who is a NZ citizen but born in the Cook Islands will also offer this service to the Cook Islands and if the opportunity presents itself expand to  other Pacific Islands.


Lance Russell had a very successful and well known Kowhai Home Improvement Business in Auckland and later included a  nation wide Roofing Restoration Business manufacturing their own paint for their licensees from the far North to Invercargill  plus a retail paint shop where they sold the Kowhai Paint they manufactured to the public at Onehunga.  Also Lance started texture spraying ceilings as well as moss control of roofs in 1977. They later manufactured texture spray themselves but dropped out as demand dropped off and it had become dated.  Just before the year 2000 they entered the asbestos removals business for texture ceilings and can claim to have removed more asbestos ceilings than anyone in NZ by a wide margin, but the majority of asbestos  textures are now removed.


iron roof restoration with Noxyde

Noxyde is a rust preventative water based acrylic elastomeric coating. It is the ideal answer for coating over a rusty iron roof. Preparation is to first treat the roof to kill the rust with then spray the roof to kill the moss before final water blasting

Once the job is all prepared and cleaned two coats of Nozyde are applied, the second coat a slightly different colour to the first coat so that coverage is assured. The roof is now coated to the colour of your choice and you have a long lasting roof without all the rust problems.

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Block Wall Waterproofing

Noxyde is a rea/ winner for waterproofing block walls. Preparation is sterilizing the walls with moss kill, then water blasting clean, followed by 2 coats of Noxyde and you now have an absolutely dry wall.




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